Credit: De La Garza: Ron Tom/ABC; De La Celle: Patrick Harbron/ABC

Two of my favorite ABC series have gone the “add a child!” route, but in the battle between Desperate Housewives Juanita (Madison Lovato) and Ugly Betty‘s Daniel Jr. (Julian De La Celle), it’s no contest (obvs)! Let’s compare, shall we?

Fun: Overindulges in cake
Active: Hops on a city bus (alone!) to thwart Gaby’s unsubtle exercise scheme
Playful: Engages in game of ‘tag’ with mom’s convertible
Stylish: Rocks pink princess dresses
Bonus points: Likes her veggies covered in processed cheese

Daniel Jr.
Dreary: Refuses to eat meals
Passive: Locks self in room to thwart dad
Hostile: Sprays Betty with silly string, causing motorcycle crash
Frumpy: Long, floppy locks decidedly age-inappropriate
Automatic penalty: Whines in French

The winner: Juanita, by a landslide! (Even better, the kid has brought out a completely new yet totally hilarious aspect of Gaby’s [Eva Longoria Parker] personality.) Of course, you can add to Juanita’s tally, or place a vote for little Daniel, in the comments section below!

addCredit(“Ron Tom/ABC; Patrick Harbron/ABC”)

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