Is Burn Notice resurrecting Michael’s dead dad?

That’s the first thought that crossed my mind upon learning that Frasier‘s John Mahoney would be joining the cast as “a mysterious man with answers about Michael’s past and his future,” per series creator Matt Nix.


Pressed for specifics about Mahoney’s connection to Jeffrey Donovan’s blacklisted spy, Nix — no doubt inspired by my critically acclaimed multiple choice spoiler quizzes in Ask Ausiello — confirmed that he would be playing one of the following four characters:

A. Michael’s old boss.
B. One of the “powerful people” behind Michael’s burn notice.
C. Carla’s “handler.”
D. Michael’s “dead” father.

The good news? The comments section below was tailor-made for games like this! The bad news? It’ll be a while before the mystery is solved: Mahoney doesn’t show up until the thrillomedy’s second season finale, which isn’t scheduled to air until February. (The second half of BN‘s season 2 debuts in January.)

Of course, if you’re looking to kill some time before then, you absolutely must scroll down and watch the awesome interview I did with Jeffrey Donovan at Entertainment Weekly’s pre-Emmy bash. In it, he weighs in on the pivotal scene between Michael and Fiona in last month’s mid-season climax, says how long he sees himself doing Burn Notice, and reveals what he was doing with Angelina Jolie right before this Q&A was conducted. Hint: It concerns their new movie The Changeling. Enjoy!

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