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Last October, I was watching David Arquette’s directorial debut The Tripper on DVD,and in the middle of this campy-ass slasher film was Lukas Haassinging a dreamy little ballad called “Kemp” to Jaime King. (Watch him perform it live below). Obviously, it stayedwith me, because when I got a press release yesterday announcing that Haas had just released a self-titled EP with Pulse Recording, produced by Tim Anderson of Ima Robot, the first thing I did was look to see if “Kemp” was on it. It is, along with was the songs “My Shooting Star,” “We’re All the Same,” and “Feel.” (Download the EP on iTunes or Amazon, hear the tracks on his MySpace page.)

Haas is set to release a full album in early 2009, so take a listen and tell us how likely you’ll be to accept actor Lukas Haas as a singer-songwriter. I’m not usually one to encourage crossovers, but he’s done his relatively quietly* and I’ve yet to be annoyed, so I’ll do my best to keep an open mind.

* I forgot that he’d been in a band called Bunny with Vincent Gallo, and I had no idea that he’s opened for Macy Gray and played piano on her albums, or that he’s performed with OutKast on Letterman and TRL, or that his father played the violin and his mother sang opera.