Question: How about some non-Huddy House scoop for a change? — Dani

Ausiello: Could I interest you in something on Thoreman? Never heard of that particular portmanteau? That’s about to change, since executive producer Katie Jacobs tells me that a major, potentially romantic story line involving Foreman and Thirteen will kick off in November when Olivia Wilde’s ailing alter ego agrees to participate in a clinical trial overseen by Omar Epps’ Foreman. As a result, the pair “are going to be spending a serious amount of time together,” reveals Jacobs. Thirteen’s leap of faith will follow a tumultuous few episodes in which she has a random hookup with an unidentified lovergirl (see last week’s AA for more on that) and witnesses firsthand the horrors of Huntington’s via a patient played by Lori Petty (A League of Their Own). “I don’t want to see Thirteen come down with Huntington’s,” confesses Jacobs, “but I think it’s important for the audience to see what she’s up against in dealing with [the disease].” Thoughts on Thoreman — the moniker and the pairing? Scroll down to the comments!

Question: Any scoop on Grey’s Anatomy‘s Callie and Erica? — Ally

Ausiello: Their secret affair won’t be a secret much longer. Next week, word of their sapphic romance makes its way to two of their colleagues. Also in the episode: One of last season’s most significant relationships comes to an end.

Question: Grey’s spoilers, please! — Jack

Ausiello: Alex and Izzie contemplate moving in together next week. Well, one of them contemplates it. The other one just says mean and hurtful things.

Question: Any good Mer-Der news? — Emily

Ausiello: This is more Der than Mer, but the Oct. 16 episode will feature Patrick Dempsey completely naked save for one strategically placed pillow. That’s pretty good, yes?

Question: I have been very grateful for your Supernatural scoop, but I would be even more grateful if you keep it coming! — Toni-Ann

Ausiello: Oh, Toni-Ann, if there’s one thing I like more than a catnap, it’s gratitude, so here ya go: The show is currently casting another Big Bad, a middle-aged demon whose air of gentility does little to mask the stink of his cruelty. The recurring character is one of the top dogs down under, so it’s a safe bet that he’s gonna raise some hell for the Winchesters.

Question: Are Tony and Ziva going to get together romantically this season on NCIS? Do they finally quit the cat and mouse game and start dating? — Dianna

Ausiello: Sounds like a question for exec producer Shane Brennan: “There’s no doubt that Tony is intrigued by what Ziva was up to while in Israel, but is he motivated by curiosity or jealousy? The slow dance between Ziva and Tony will continue, but maybe Ziva has another name on her dance card. Could it end badly? Yes. The question is, for whom…” And you guys call me a tease.

Question: So glad Gibbs’ team got back together last night! But what’s the deal with Agent Lee? Will she be back? Will Gibbs learn of her deceit? — Kim

Ausiello: Yes, she will be back. And yes, “sometime soon Gibbs’ gut instinct will kick in,” teases Brennan. And when that time comes, look the heck out! (Wanna see some exclusive new images of Gibbs and Co. and get more scoop on the new season? Well, by all means, click here!)

Question: You make up questions. And you’re ugly. — S.S.

Ausiello: Let me check. (Beat) Computah says nooo.

Question: Is Kim Bauer’s return related to the 24 writers shutting down production for two weeks? Or is there any specific reason for them doing so? — Yong

Ausiello: Wrong, Yong — Elisha Cuthbert’s comeback and the production time-out are unrelated; the powers that be simply wanted a stronger finish to the season. Apparently, they also needed some new characters, as a bunch more are being cast as I type this. One, Clea Bowden, is a thirtysomething Mata Hari who’s as hot as she is cold; she’s an attorney for the day’s public enemy No. 1, Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight). Another recurring newbie is Alan Wilson, a forty-to-fiftysomething Trump who is as powerful as Jonas.

Question: I think I figured out who your soon-to-be mole is that you sat next to on the airplane. Was it Amy Ryan? — Andy

Ausiello: No, but since you brought up her name, here’s some Office scoop: Expect big un-PC shenanigans when a little person becomes a Dunder Mifflin sales rep. (Yes, yes, I know, you expected un-PC shenanigans, anyway. But now you know what kind to expect.)

Question: Thank you for the news about Danny and Lindsay having a baby on CSI: NY! How will all this impact Rikki’s (Jacqueline Pinol) return? — Lisa

Ausiello: Per executive producer Pam Veasey, “It will impact how frequently we will see her. We’re constantly talking about when the right moment is for her to come back and be happy for [Danny]. Yes, we’re planning on her returning, but I would say the change is that it wouldn’t be as often. I think at this point the audience is interested in the [Danny-Lindsay] relationship. We did the bumps already, so let’s see what this new [baby] bump means for Danny.”

Question: Are Danny and Lindsay going to make it official now that a baby is on the way? — Nicole

Ausiello: If they do, it’ll probably consist of a quick trip to city hall. “We wouldn’t do it big,” Veasey says. “You have to think of Danny. He’s a little unconventional. We want to do things that are unexpected but that really tell you a lot about his character.”

Question: When exactly did Danny and Lindsay make their baby on CSI: NY? Looking at the timeline, I’m having trouble pinpointing the moment of conception. — Tracy

Ausiello: It happened shortly after Lindsay hung up on Danny in this scene from last May. “That’s the night they conceived this child,” Veasey confirms. “We believe she turned around and went back. [When we shot the scene] we had no idea Anna was pregnant, but we did leave ourselves options to take this relationship in a lot of different places.”

Question: Do you have any info on what will happen to Smallville‘s Chloe on the day of her wedding, please? — Naomi

Ausiello: Very bad things. Imagine a cross between The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield. Now imagine it at Jimmy and Chloe’s reception. Short-story-shorter: I hope someone remembered to take out wedding insurance.

Question: I don’t know if I can wait until January or February for Lost. Got any scoop on it? — Nick

Ausiello: Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and ***** will learn Jin’s fate at the precise moment we do: in episode 4. In other news, ask yourself this question: Why was Jorge Garcia shooting a scene in jail last week?

Question: What’s the latest on Jim’s “death” on Ghost Whisperer? — Phyllis

Ausiello: The latest is the fiery debate rages on, both on and over at Dive in at your own risk!

Question: Ugly Betty question for you: Will Daniel ever be editor in chief of Mode again? — Jason

Ausiello: I think there’s a really good chance he’ll officially reclaim his perch atop Mode‘s masthead by episode 3.

Question: What happened to Marc and Cliff on Ugly Betty? Did they break up and no one told me? — Todd

Ausiello: Nope, they’re still together. They have one of those special TV relationships that take place primarily off screen (see also: Chase and Cameron on House). But as David Blue (Cliff) told me at Ugly Betty‘s New York premiere a few weeks back, the MIA couple will get some long overdue face time very soon.

Question: Ugly Betty spoilers! — Eddie

Ausiello: I’m getting word that Mode is hosting a company-wide, off-site retreat in November that has “Emmy bait” written all over it.

Question: Do you have any new scoop on ER? — Wingzo

Ausiello: Did I tell you about the awesome scene where Ray and Neela are racing each other along the coast of Lake Michigan? If not, then yes, I have some new ER scoop.

Question: How bad are the ratings for Prison Break? Is there any hope for a full season? — Isy

Ausiello: The ratings aren’t great, but Fox already ordered a full, 22-episode season, and they have yet to amend that order. Speaking of PB, based on what I’m hearing about the next few episodes, producers should bag the women-in-prison spin-off and pitch Fox Gretchen and T-Bag instead.

Question: The Unit‘s season premiere was fraktacular! Attempted (and some successful) assassinations of the current and incoming administrations gave the show new life. What’s coming up? — Tony

Ausiello: Beats me. Good thing God invented show publicists! Per a Unit rep, “As the season continues, tensions run high between Mack and Tiffy as they are forced to live their farce of a marriage in order to protect their new identities — especially when their daughter is needed to keep up the front at school. And, now that Mack has discovered the naked photo of Tiffy and Col. Ryan, it’s just a matter of time until the situation reaches an explosive climax.”

Question: Now that Do Not Disturb‘s gone, what do you think are the next prime candidates to get the boot? — Antonio

Ausiello: Hate to say it, because it’s my favorite new comedy, but if Worst Week doesn’t start retaining more of its Two and a Half Men lead-in, it’s probably next to go. I hope I’m wrong. And speaking of the not-so-dearly-departed Do Not Disturb, ex-Buffy cutup Tom Lenk really got the raw end of that cancellation deal. He landed the recurring role of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s slacker boyfriend right before the ax fell.

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