Is anyone else besides me still watching HBO’s True Blood? (Slezak? Anybody?) I am hanging in there for now, mostly on the Alan Ball benefit of the doubt factor, and also because I’m still somewhat intrigued by the series’ larger mythology — but most of these plotlines are losing my interest, fast. However! The most recent episode gave me another reason to keep tuning in: Mysterious vampire hunk Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) has awesome taste in indie rock.

See, I noticed that when Bill was driving Sookie (Anna Paquin) back from that vampire bar in Shreveport, he was playing a song by the very cool Cambodian-American band Dengue Fever on his car radio. Jittery Sookie was all, “Can we turn this down? What language are they speaking, anyhow?” (She should talk, with her odd would-be Louisiana accent; some NSFW phrasing in link.) Bill calmly informed her that the song was being sung in “Cambodian” — a language that’s more commonly known as Khmer — but the point is, it wasn’t some freaky vampire dialect, okay? Sookie reached over to turn off the tunes anyway and asked Bill to pull over. Then some cops showed up and everyone forgot all about that unusual-sounding music. (Watch the whole scene below.) But a press release from Dengue Fever’s camp has just reminded me that Bill was indeed enjoying the excellent title track from the band’s 2005 album Escape from Dragon House — which was also the name of Sunday night’s ep. Love it.

So there are really two important lessons here. First: Bill Compton may be, like, 175 years old, but apparently dude reads his MP3 blogs. (If True Blood‘s music team chooses to show Bill jammin’ out to some Vampire Weekend in a later episode, BTW, I automatically revoke all cool points they get for this.) Second: Dengue Fever rock, and their fans are definitely not limited to either A) vampires or B) people who watch HBO programs of dubious quality. Wouldn’t you agree?

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