Torrey DeVitto
Credit: Fred Norris/The CW

Don’t worry, spoiler-phobes. We won’t start the discussion until after the jump…

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Ding Dong! The bitch is dead. Which old bitch? The Nanny Carrie bitch!

Was there some sort of Stephen King movie marathon playing recently in Wilmington, NC, that all of the writers of One Tree Hill were forced to attend? It would seem so with the way the Nanny-Carrie-as-psycho-killer storyline finally played out last night.

After weeks of holding Dan hostage in her cottage house, Carrie(played by Torrey Devitto, who really should stick to roles where she’spraised for her looks — like in the short-lived ABC Family drama Beautiful People— instead of for her over-the-top fanatical nature) enacted her plan tokidnap Jamie by getting Hayley to believe she was bringing Jamie to ahospice to say goodbye to Dan.

Part of me can’t believe I continued to watch this nonsense go down, but I just could not turn away from the TV! What unfolded felt like Children of the Corn meets The Shining meets, well, The Three Stooges:Carrie chased Jamie into a corn field; Hayley woke up within twominutes of being knocked unconscious; Deb, who had seen a picture ofNanny Carrie and an address on her fridge and immediately thought,”MURDERER! THERE MUST BE A MURDERER LIVING THERE!” then showed up outof nowhere, knocked Carrie unconscious with an old bottle of wine; andthen Carrie (in true horror movie form) woke up only to be shot by Dan.

As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, the killer nanny stillwasn’t dead, and once again Dan had to shoot her — not without spewingoff some heroic line about messing with his family, of course.

Taking all of the above into consideration, who else is happy that the dang nanny is resting in theplots-we-hope-are-gone-forever graveyard? And how many of you arefinding that you’re feeling sympathetic toward Dan, a generallyunlikable character? (Keep in mind: Paul Johansson, who plays Dan,actually directed some of the episodes we’ve already seen this season.)