Saturday night, after I dealt with the guilt of dragging three friends to see Nights in Rodanthe (I second everything in Lisa Schwarzbaum’s review), I returned home to my DVR/life partner and watched what it’d taped: The Penn State-Illinois football game (I actually crossed the street on the walk to my apartment to avoid being spoiled by a woman wearing a No. 31 PSU jersey — who am I?) and a Noah’s Arc marathon on Logo.

I’d never watched Noah’s Arc before, but, because I’m a binge viewer, I decided to give it a try since Logo was showing all eight episodes of season 2. At first, I thought this comedy about four black gay male friends living and loving in West Hollywood was — how did I put it in a 2:10 a.m. text to a friend? — the worst show ever. (This was, of course, followed by the 2:31 a.m. text: What. Is. Noah. Wearing??) But soon enough, I understood what EW’s Nicholas Fonseca meant when he referred to the series as “atrociously written yet oddly watchable.” I wanted to know whether Alex (Rodney Chester, with a hint of Bernie Mac) would prove that Trey’s straight friend Guy was trying to steal Trey away. Whether promiscuous Ricky (Christian Vincent) would make a relationship work with Junito (Wilson Cruz). Whether Daddy Chance (Doug Spearman) would make nice with Eddie’s daughter, Kenya. And whether Noah (Darryl Stephens) would get back together with Wade (Jensen Atwood).

At the end of the marathon, I had a vision of me seeing the movie Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom, which opens in select cities Oct. 24. I’m not the only one looking forward to Noah’s and Wade’s drama-filled wedding weekend… Am I?

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