Last week, Media Life Magazine reported on a new study from Marketing Evaluations, The Q Scores Company, which measured and ranked viewers’ emotional attachment to broadcast TV shows during the ’07-’08 season. (“Emotional attachment” was defined as how committed you are to continuing to watch a show.) This list of the 20 series that garnered the greatest devotion (I’ve included it after the jump) definitely got EW’s TV department talking.

And that conversation got me thinking: Let’s do our own informal poll for the ’08-’09 season: Name the five broadcast TV shows you are most committed to watching this fall. (I know we all love our cable, so this may hurt a little.)

My list:

1. Fox’s Bones (for those of you wondering where the PopWatch love has been, Abby West will be bringing it back starting this week)

2. ABC’s Brothers & Sisters (I would happily marry into the Walker clan, if only for the wine; pictured, David Annable and Emily VanCamp) (Also: Slezak is recapping later today in PopWatch, fear not)

3. ABC’s Desperate Housewives (for as long as Gale Harold is on, anyway; bonus pic of him with Teri Hatcher, after the jump!)

4. The CW’s Privileged (it’s like an ABC Family Channel original movie, only well-written!)

5. I was gonna say CBS’ Ghost Whisperer — I’ve got to see where they’re headed with David Conrad’s character — but really, it’s ABC’s Boston Legal. They know it’s their last season, which should give them plenty of time to plot an appropriately insane, verbose, and (above all) affectionate exit for Denny Crane (William Shatner) and Alan Shore (James Spader). In the season premiere, Alan took on Big Tobacco and Denny thought his penis had Alzheimer’s — very promising.

Your turn.

The 20 Shows to Which Viewers Are Most Emotionally Attached

1. Survivor: Micronesia
2. Heroes
3. House
4. CSI
5. Survivor: China
6. Grey’s Anatomy
7. Criminal Minds
8. Supernatural
10. NBC Sunday Night Football
11. Desperate Housewives
12. The Unit
13. Ghost Whisperer
14. Without a Trace
15. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
16. Brothers & Sisters
17. The Office
18. Prison Break
19. Life
20. ER

Fascinating list, right?

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