Remember back in July when we powwowed about our favorite British sitcoms? Some of you with impeccable taste recommended The IT Crowd, Channel 4’s show about the basement-dwelling computer team of a massive London corporation. PopWatcher Trey declared, “I bet on [star] Richard Ayoade to take Rainn Wilson in a kar-a-te match any day,” and I’m with him. Now, lucky for us, IFC is airing the kick-arse comedy’s first two seasons starting tomorrow at 10pm, as part of Automat, their new Tuesday-night programming block. Bye-bye fuzzy YouTube clips! So long region 2 DVDs that never played well!

If you want a taste of the The IT Crowd right away, check out this clip from the pilot. It’s a cracking first episode: We meet geeky Moss (Ayoade), who’s stoked to own the new Harry Potter in two editions, his partner Roy (Chris O’Dowd), who only scores with women when he’s fixing their hard drives, and their new boss Jen (Katherine Parkinson), who knows zip about technology. Then the funny really kicks in later this year when The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding joins the cast as an ex-yuppie-turned-super goth. (Also look out for a great, if all too short, stint by the U.K. Office’s Oliver Chris as a trivia-loving security guard in episode 3). Now enjoy, and after the jump, check out your Anglophile calendar for the week ahead!

Monday (Sept. 29th): Marvel at Damian Lewis’ American accent on the season premiere of NBC’s Life at 10pm. Simon Pegg stops by Conan at 12:35am.
Tuesday: Pick up the newest installment of M.C. Beaton’s (aka Marion Chesney) Agatha Raisin whodunit series, A Spoonful of Poison. Watch The Best of Mr. Bean, Vol. 2 and Forgetting Sarah Marshall(with Russell Brand) on DVD. Plus Gavin and Stacey finally get hitchedin the season finale of their eponymous BBC America show at 8:40pm.
Wednesday: This week’s Must Watch: Coupling fans havedefinitely heard of Hawley Harvey Crippen, the real life Americandoctor convicted nearly a century ago in England of poisoning anddismembering his wife. Jane only brings him up about once an episodewhen discussing relationships. Well, PBS’s Secrets of the Deadis airing an excellent investigation into the Crippen case called“Executed in Error” which promises to “overturn history.” Anyoneobsessed with mysteries (or Coupling) must tune in.
Thursday: Grab the new paperback of History Boys’ scribe Alan Bennett’s An Uncommon Reader.
Friday: Support Simon Pegg by seeing How to Lose Friends and Alienate People which opens today.
Saturday: A saber-toothed cat terrorizes a theme park on Primeval at 9pm on BBC America.
Sunday: Set your DVRs now: BBC America airs a marathon of the original Life on Mars beginning at 1pm. The channel’s Skins airs its season one finale at 10pm (season 2 commences next week, while The Last Enemy starts on PBS’s Masterpiece Contemporary (and Matthew Goode makes his hosting debut) at 9pm.