Friday Night Lights

Editor’s note: If Palicki wasn’t our favorite before, she most certainly is now.

So last night at Austin City Limits, I got to participate in the viewing of one of my personal favorite bands, Blues Traveler. One thing is for sure: they did not give us the “Run-Around” this time.(Come on! That was good!)

[Editor’s note: That was a good joke! But to minimize confusion, they did, actually, play “Run-Around.” I think it was the second song of the set. Which was nice, cause then I could go do something else. Anyway. Adrianne! Please continue.]

Can I just say, Who the hell taught John Popper to play the harmonica? That man is a mad genius. Between the harmonica, the guttural vocals, and the drinking and smoking thatensued on stage, I am surprised that man has not had a heart attack. Starting the night off with “I Want You To Want Me,” and ending it with “Hook,” no fan in the audience could have been disappointed. Traveleralso played soon-to-be-hits from their new album. The entire band is amazing. Watching these guys perform brought about a nostalgia that can only be reminiscent of my days in junior high, when “Run-Around” wasnumero uno on the charts, and Saved By The Bell was still on TV. Oh, Zach Morris… I digress… Point is, these guys still have it– or, shall I say, never lost it.

addCredit(“Adrianne Palicki: Paul Drinkwater; John Popper: Whitney Pastorek/”)

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