With shooting scheduled to start this week for Funny People, Judd Apatow’s upcoming movie about

stand-up comedians, three of the

film’s leads, Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, and Jonah Hill, squeezed in one

last rehearsal on Saturday night — in front of a live audience. The

three actors, along with King of Queens star Kevin James and

newcomer Aubry Plaza, took up residence at the West Coast

Upright Citizens Brigade theater (capacity: 92) twice this month, in order to hone their stand-up skills. Apatow played MC, at times doing a few bits

of his own — like explaining how his wife (and a member of the Funny People

ensemble) Leslie Mann couldn’t be less interested in seeing his schtick

in action, or entertaining movie pitches from audience members. Sets by

Rogen, Hill, and James were heavy on masturbation jokes, but light on

pop culture references, while Adam Sandler’s ran longest and came with

a disclaimer: Jokes about being single were based on his character

and not Sandler’s real life (though the distinction was less clear with later rants about fame, the

paparazzi, and living large).

So how did they do?

Despite their visible nervousness, the crowd’s response was

enthusiastic for all, especially ringleader Apatow, but it’s safe to

assume some won’t be hitting the comedy club circuit anytime soon. Take

Rogen, for one, who said on his way out: “I’m so glad that’s over.”