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Editor’s note: Ms. Palicki is the first and only member of the Friday Night Lights cast to turn in a blog post so far. Because of this, she is now our favorite. Stay tuned tomorrow for what we hope is a flood of brilliant writing from her castmates, all of whom are currently in the doghouse. Talking to you, Porter.

My goal here is not to write a puff piece. That being said, I love John Fogerty and want to have his babies. Seriously though, John Fogerty is not only a rock legend, but also happened to be the leadsinger/guitarist/songwriter for one of the greatest American bands to grace our presence. Last night at Austin City Limits, I was able to see this musical genius perform with my own two eyes for the firsttime.

Because of my obsessive love for Creedence Clearwater Revival, I had a very valid fear of being disappointed. My preconceived notion was wrong: Fogerty not only had the charisma of a thirty-five year old, but vocally triumphed as well. Looking out into the crowd, I realized I was not alone in this opinion. There was something almost electric about the atmosphere. Every generation filled the dirt- and heat-ridden park. Every generation was singing along to Fogerty’s classic tunes: “Fortunate Son,” “Down onThe Corner,” and my personal favorite, “Proud Mary.” The excitement was endless.

Fogerty’s band was pretty brilliant as well– they put their mark on each song with subtlety and ease. It was obvious how much they not only enjoyed each other, but also the music they were rocking out to. Though much older than the band, Fogerty held his own as he shuffled around the stage, harmonica in hand. Even at sixty-three, “old fart” did not come to mind. So, in conclusion, it was a good show! Hopefully my disgusting love-fest for Johnny didn’t make you throw up in your mouth (too much, anyway).

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