We know how the story ended with David and Goliath, but what about David versus David? Of the two Idol alums, one’s a little bit (okay, a lot bit) poppy, the other’s a little bit rock’n’roll; one’s bubbly, the other’s stubbly; one’s got an innocent “Crush,” and the other wants you to leave the “Light On.” My colleague Margeaux Watson and I sat down to discuss the musical prospects of the dueling Davids as part of our larger series of discussions about the fall music season (click here to see ’em all!). But given how decidedly different the two Davids actually sound, here’s a question for you: Is it possible for both Mr. Archuleta and Mr. Cook to find success on the charts this season? Or, do Idol fans feel like even though the theme weeks and speed dialing are finished, the competition still rages on?