Tired of following all this endless presidential debate drama? Does our imploding economy have you in the dumps? Longing for some news that’s both uplifting and life affirming? I have a hunch these next four casting scoops will do the trick.

Desperate Housewives: Susan’s now-adult daughter, Julie (Andrea Bowen), is hightailing it back to Wisteria Lane later this fall, and I hear she’s got a helluva surprise in store for Mum. (Hint: It has to do with her new BF.)

90210: Forget middle-aged Dylan. The 90210 dude we’re most looking forward to meeting is the bastard son of Harry (Rob Estes) and that mean blond lady – and meet him we will later this fall. Producers are still sketching out the character, but this much I can tell you: His name is Sean, he’s in his early 20s, and he’s described as being both wholesome and absolutely charming. Word is a personal tragedy prompts him to go in search of his real parents.

Ugly Betty: Sarah Lafleur (ESPN’s Playmakers) has booked a recurring role as Molly, a kindergarten teacher and fiancée to Lost‘s freighter captain Meade Pubs’ new CFO, Connor (Grant Bowler). My Betty snitch whispers that Daniel will start to fall for Molly, setting the stage for another tension-filled triangle at Mode.

Heroes: Amid buzz that the show’s next volume will be titled “Fugitives,” sources confirm that Tim Kring and Co. are on the prowl for an actor to play a badass FBI agent a la Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. The character is slated to show up in this season’s 14th episode.

Was I right? Did they do the trick?