We rate pop culture for the week of September 22, 2008 including Cloris Leachman, Oprah's book pick, the most epic ''Gossip Girl'' cat fight, and more

· Battleship Geriatrica Cloris Leachman correctly assesses Dancing With the Stars: ”They’re so stupid here”
· Mad Men + American Beauty + Kate & Leo acting their butts off = the Revolutionary Road trailer
· Oprah follows EW’s advice with book pick. We gave The Story of Edgar Sawtelle an A

Near Misses
· Robert Wagner and Barbara Stanwyck: even better than Chuck and Blair, but with fewer headbands!
· Serena vs. Blair: even better than Kelly vs. Brenda, and with more headbands!
· Mariah‘s Xmas album may become a movie. Working title: All That Glitter Is Not Gold

· Val Kilmer’s career swoon continues — he can’t even get the voice of KITT right on Knight Rider.
· HeroesMohinder reveals killer abs, lovey-dovey side. Still remains unlikable.
· Tina Fey’s purse. Last seen: at the Emmys. Please return. No questions asked.

Totally a Miss
· Project Runway‘s Kenley goes from adorable retro pixie to obnoxious judge-baiting shrew in three episodes