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Hello, world, it’s time for an updated version of The Partridge Family. Producers of the new series tell Variety that they won’t bask in easy nostalgia but will make the show reflect the modern realities of the music industry. No word on how exactly they intend to do that (are they just going to air the entire series on MySpace?), so maybe we can help them come up with some timely and relevant plot ideas:

• The Partridges drive their eco-friendly hybrid bus to Times Square, only to learn that MTV has canceled TRL.
• Reuben Kincaid announces the release of the family’s new CD a week early to foil Internet pirates.
• Danny drops out of the tour for a few weeks, citing “exhaustion.”
• Tracy’s Radio Disney fanbase is scandalized when the moppet appears in a Vanity Fair photo spread wearing only a bedsheet.
• Keith discovers that he’s adopted, and that he’s really the long-lost fourth Jonas brother.
• Chris pings a paparazzo’s camera with a slingshot-fired pebble. Video of the resulting “scuffle” is viewed 500,000 times at
• Mom Shirley proudly stands beside Laurie at the press conference where the teenager announces she’s having a baby by one of her backup dancers.

Other ideas? Submit them below.

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