Question: What do Chewbacca, Carrot Top and Stephen King all have in common?

In addition to never having been in Cliff Clavin’s kitchen, all three moonlight at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn. At least that’s the concept behind the long-running “This is SportsCenter” ad campaign. Normally, the spots feature famous athletes or goofy mascots performing mundane office tasks, but the cable network has occasionally recruited celebs who don’t sweat for a living. Years back, Chewbacca and his interstellar mates helped the network go HD, and the inimitable Carrot Top once raised the bar for on-hair talent. (Check out both of those ads, embedded after the jump.)

In the network’s latest commercial (premiering Monday), EW’s own Uncle Stevie, an unabashed Boston Red Sox fan, ghostwrites the SportsCenter script for anchor John Anderson. Yankees fans who felt cursed this season might be intrigued to learn that their lineup was simply “possessed by the demon.” (I sniff a best-seller).

I’d love to hear more about King’s telekinetic ball players, but I’m more fascinated by the surreal possibility of catching him eating lunch in the Bristol cafeteria with Chewie and Carrot Top: A spook, a Wook, and a kook. What do you think of the new ad?