It was all about the Emmys this weekend, so we were busy lint-rolling the red carpet, steaming Heidi Klum’s dresses, forgetting to do Lauren Conrad’s hair, and live-blogging the mediocre aftermath. But as we’ve learned before, even after a monumental movie, music, or TV-themed event, pop culture doesn’t stop. Britney Spears releases new singles, celebrities come out of the closet, David Archuleta makes new headlines, and we write about them. And you guys? You keep the comments coming. And that’s why we love you. Now, get ready to revisit the week’s most talked-about posts, or weigh in if you haven’t already!

10. Mandi Bierly thought Britney could have, well, given, given us mooo-arrrrr on her new single.

9. I rode the subway with Chuck Bass, and we all made each other jealous with the TV shows and movies that were shot in our backyards.

8. Politics are fun again after this week’s Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert cover!

7. We reviewed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations and threw in a couple of our own.

6. Clay Aiken reassured us that, yes, he’s gay.

5. You told Gary Susman what the best movie titles were.

4. In even MORE David news, Letterman was stood up by presidential candidate John McCain. For Katie Couric.

3. In other David news, you guys were still commenting up a storm for the American Idol Double D’s: Cook and Archuleta.

2. David Blaine’s “Dive of Death” bored the hell out of Vanessa Juarez and most of you.

1. It was Emmy fever all over this week, and the faithful TV-lurving PopWatchers were in attendance for our live-blogging of TV’s big/boring/self-congratulatory night and their much-needed fixing-upping.

addCredit(“David Blaine: Donna Svennevik/ABC; Tom Bergeron: Mathew Imaging/WireImage”)