Better now than never: Having aimlessly rolled through life in a sequined/fringed DWTS bubble until yesterday, I didn’t get to catch up with Stewart and Colbert until late last night. Good thing I did; otherwise I would have missed Jackson Browne’s thoughtful interview and low-key performance of “Going Down to Cuba” (from his new album Time the Conqueror, released Sept. 23) from Tuesday’s show. In my mind anyway, the relaxed presentation of the Report‘s classic rock musical guests has been just superb. Press play below to hear Browne-y doin’ a helluva job.

I might have better related to “Running on Empty” (the song Browne is suing John McCain for using without permission) right aboutnow, but “Going Down to Cuba” just calmed me down big time. Either title could be my “away” messageright now, actually. Don’t test me! I’ll do it! I will GO to Cuba.

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