Britney Spears’ new single, “Womanizer,” officially* debuted this morning on NYC’s Z100. Listen below.

Slezak’s gut IM reaction: “J’loathed.** I feel like it was created in a lab in 20 minutes. A Swedish lab. ‘Is sounding like hit, yes?’ And then she sips her frap and shrugs and lays down the track and goes back home. ‘Toxic’ was the last song of hers that felt exciting to me.”My take: It starts off a bit Katy Perry, then ends all Pussycat Dolls (and I totally miss “Toxic” Britney, too!). That said, when I listened a second time, I was singing along to “Boy don’t try to front, I-I know just-just know what you are are-are” and trying to pretend that I didn’t hear-hear her say something about a lollipop and a sucker. I won’t buy the single, but I also won’t change the station if I happen to hear it.Your turn.

* We thought it better not to pass judgment on those grainy “Womanizer” snippets leaked on the internet last week.
** You know he feels strongly when he speaks pseudo-French. See also: Le gasp!

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