EW's TV scooper dishes on Jeremy Piven's Emmy Awards criticism, vacation time for ''Lost'''s Emilie de Ravin, and more

Piven roasts the Emmy hosts
Entourage‘s Jeremy Piven was the first to win an Emmy after the ceremony’s endless, rambling opening by Howie Mandel and his four reality-host co-emcees…and also the first to mock it. ”What if I just kept talking for 12 minutes?” asked Piven. After the ceremony, Mandel harrumphed to me, ”I don’t listen to Jeremy Piven. But I’ve never listened to Jeremy Piven.” Mandel even went on to defend the opening bit…or whatever it was. ”There was no opening bit,” he argued. ”We had nothing. We didn’t have a moment to get together. And I think we helped move the show along by not having anything.” Um, seriously?

For The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, the one consolation to not earning an Emmy nod was getting to sit out Mandel and Co.’s debacle. ”I wouldn’t have wanted to be up there,” he joked, ”facing Don Rickles’ wrath.”

‘Lost’ Vacation
Don’t feel bad for Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin, whose Claire will be absent for the drama’s season 5, but return for 6. ”It’s great because I can work on other things,” de Ravin shares, ”and then come back and see everyone again.” Exec producer Carlton Cuse insists the decision was a creative one. ”The story we’re telling is going in some other directions. But we’ll circle back around to include [Claire] in a very exciting way.”

Ask Ausiello

Q: I hear Booth’s younger brother will fall for Brennan on Bones. Is this going to delay the Booth-Brennan romance we’ve all been waiting for? —Sally
A: Actually, the two-episode (at least) arc might just facilitate it. ”I don’t think he’ll necessarily be coming in between Booth and Brennan,” says David Boreanaz of his TV sibling, played by CSI: Miami‘s Brendan Fehr. ”I do think he’ll give insight into Booth’s family, which will help Brennan realize what [he’s hiding] underneath that shell of his.”

Q: How deadly are the low ratings for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? —Dean
A: Armageddon-like. An SCC insider tells me if the show’s numbers don’t start to climb, Fox is unlikely to order any more than the 13 episodes currently in the pipeline. Series star Thomas Dekker remains hopeful that they can hold off doomsday at least until the end of football season. ”We’re up against Monday Night Football,” he sighs, ”which is tricky because we have a lot of football fans.”

Q: When is The Closer returning with new episodes? —Diego
A: The TNT hit returns in January, when, for the first time, an episode won’t end with Brenda nabbing the killer. Adding insult to injury, she’ll probably end up crushing on the DA responsible for freeing her perp, since he’s described in the casting notice as being ”smart,” ”charismatic,” and ”very much Brenda’s equal.” If that doesn’t fit the TV lust-interest profile, then I don’t know what does.

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