Back in July, when the New Yorker published Barry Blitt’s notorious cover illustration of Barack and Michelle Obama living up to every negative stereotype about them that had been whispered by their opponents, a lot of readers (including the Obama campaign) complained that average folks who spotted the magazine on the newsstand wouldn’t get the joke, that even to raise these stereotypes in order to debunk them was still to perpetuate them. Well, we at Entertainment Weekly imagine our readers to be smart enough to recognize satire and parody when they see them, which is why, for this week’s cover story interview with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, we had photographer Jake Chessum shoot this spoof of the New Yorker cover.

Were we right? Will folks get the joke and recognize what we’re making fun of? In the article, Colbert and Stewart talk about how absurd spectacle has hijacked the election coverage; does our cover wittily satirize that phenomenon, or does it just add to the absurdity and make things worse? Was Blitt’s illustration in bad taste, and does that make our lampoon more tasteful or more tasteless? It’s all so confusing! Fortunately, as EW readers, your opinion really is the final arbiter here. Your vote does count! Exercise your right to free speech below. (Do keep it civil, please.)

Strange Bedfellows
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