It does, say I. Note that I am a Killers fan — even liked most of Sam’s Town! — and I am enjoying their newly leaked single, too. (Hear it here, for now, until their label disappears it like they already have from YouTube.) But check out the profound query posed by Brandon Flowers on the hook: “Are we human?”, he wonders, “Or are we dancer?”

Two things, Mr. Flowers. First: “dancer?” Are you having trouble differentiating yourself and your bandmates from…Dancer the magical reindeer? If not, I believe you might be missing a letter at the end of that word. So I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you are in fact asking whether you (we?) are human or, uh, dancers. Which brings me to my second complaint: What’s with the false choice? Yo, Brandon, no offense, but most dancers are generally human. Just sayin’. Unless we are talking about freaky robots or adorable LOLcreatures, in which case I think I just discovered the perfect video treatment for “Human” (below). I’ll be waiting for my director credit! Or — back to you, PopWatchas — am I missing something here?