Credit: Privileged: Adam Taylor; Samurai Girl: Eike Schroter

If Privileged wasn’t my new favorite fall TV show before, it certainly is now thanks to an ever-growing population of tanned man-candy to ogle. But something about Palm Beach’s newest face, hottie headmaster Jacob Cassidy (played by David Giuntoli, left), struck me as strangely familiar. A quick IMDB search garnered a result I hadn’t expected: He’s a former Road Ruler! Something else unexpected: He was actually good. The RR: South Pacific alum’s turn on last night’s ep was not only charming, but he had great chemistry with co-star Joanna Garcia (Do I hear a nomination for entry into our favorite TV/movie teacher’s list? Okay, that’s probably premature). Anyway…

It seemed for the better part of a decade that Real World: London cast member Jacinda Barrett (The Last Kiss, Ladder 49) would be the only RW/RR alum to have any sort of acting career, but the pretty Aussie better watch her back. In addition to Giuntoli, former Real World: San Diego gal Jamie Chung (right) has been kicking butt in her own ABC Family mini-series, Samurai Girl.

What do you think about this RW/RR-goofball-turned-working-actor trend, PopWatchers? Is this the coming of the apocalypse? Or do you enjoy watching reality has-beens try their hand at real work? What did you think of Giuntoli’s (and/or Chung’s) performances? And are there any RW/RR cast members you’d like to see in an acting role (you know, a real acting role).


addCredit(“Privileged: Adam Taylor; Samurai Girl: Eike Schroter”)