Imagine two of your favorite HBO shows that not enough people watched — The Comeback and In Treatment — mixed together into a series of bite-sized webisodes, and you’ll have Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy, a new 15-episode Web series at the Lexus-branded The Friends alumna plays Fiona Wallace, a shrink with some serious boundary issues and a Valerie Cherish-like capacity for self-delusion. (As on The Comeback, the comic tone here is bone-dry and played for maximum cringeworthiness.) As on In Treatment, we’ll get to see Fiona treat five patients over the course of the series. The first three episodes, all featuring a patient named Richard (played by Tim Bagley) who has his own boundary issues, are streaming now at the site; future episodes will depict Fiona’s sessions with patients played by Christopher Guest regulars Jane Lynch and Bob Balaban, Office alum Rashida Jones, and Kudrow’s producing partner, Dan Bucatinsky. Check out the first episode below, then let us know if you’ll be watching the whole series or if you lack the patience.