It’s so rare that anyone in Hollywood apologizes for anything they’ve foisted on the public that we’re always bowled over when it happens. The latest such blue-moon apology comes from the makers of Fox’s new sitcom Do Not Disturb (starring Niecy Nash and Jerry O’Connell, pictured). The Sept. 10 debut episode (which was not the pilot) was not up to snuff, the producers acknowledged in a letter to TV critics. According to Variety, the DND-ers apologized in their letter “for being the perpetrators of such bad television.”

Granted, the acknowledgment was a bit tongue in cheek, and was made in the hopes that TV critics will give the show another chance. Besides, to give the producers their due, DND isn’t unwatchable, just very mediocre and undistinguished, a comfort-food show in a genre (the workplace comedy) we’ve been spoiled to expect a lot more from nowadays, thanks to 30 Rock and The Office. (I’m not buying the excuse that we would have liked the episodes better if they’d been shown in order. Episode 2 last week wasn’t any better.) Still, I give them props for candor and humility. Now, go forth and sin no more.

Just wondering: Which of you have watched Do Not Disturb? What did you think? Was an apology necessary? If so, do you accept it? Will you give the Fox sitcom another shot when it airs tonight?

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