As EW names the 20 fall concert tours we can’t wait to see — and I celebrate my one-month anniversary carrying my Neil Diamond 2008 World Tour messenger bag (pictured) — it seems like a good time to share stories about the craziest things we’ve done, or bought, at concerts.

I, myself, am disappointingly tame at shows (unless you count jumping up and down at Dolly Parton and Hanson concerts as “crazy” — which I do not). Like, I won’t even try to sneak into better seats because it just causes me too much anxiety. The most out-of-control thing I’ve done is probably wait around waaay too long to get a photo of myself with Air Supply.

As for the most insane purchase I’ve made, that would be the aforementioned Neil Diamond messenger bag. I’d just seen him rock Madison Square Garden, and I’d just consumed three alcoholic beverages — what are you gonna do? I take comfort in knowing that I’d been wanting a messenger bag for a while, that this one was $5 cheaper than a “Neil Diamond Rocks” T-shirt, and that even in New York, strangers are kind enough not to comment aloud when they see me carrying it.

Your turn.