Masterpiece Classic’s got Gillian Anderson. Mystery! has Alan Cumming. And now Contemporary has nabbed Watchmen star Matthew Goode to do their intros and outros for the upcoming season (which begins October 5th with the totally addictive, futuristic political thriller The Last Enemy). For my money, you can’t get any more contemporary than the star of a highly anticipated and controversial comic book film that basically took over this year’s Comic-Con. On the other hand, you can’t get any more Masterpiece than the guy who played Brooke Burgess in He Knew He Was Right, Larry Durrell in My Family and Other Animals, and Inspector Lynley’s little bro. Oh, he was also Charles Ryder in this year’s big screen Brideshead Revisited. (And just between you and me, a smidgen better than Jeremy Irons — I’m a heathen, I know.)

So, Anglophiles, what do you think? Will Matthew get you cozying up on the couch for some Brit drama (God on Trial and Filth follow Enemy on the sked) every Sunday this fall? Have you been pleased with Masterpiece‘s new makeover? Has it finally gotten your hater friends watching?

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