I recognize CBS’ Worst Week isn’t being touted as ‘hip comedy’ (being as it is on CBS, after all). And yet last night’s series premiere made me laugh throughout, even though the bulk of its funniest punch lines and set-ups were featured in that highlight-reel promo that I blogged about last week.

Certainly, the show wouldn’t work without the adorably manic energy of star Kyle Bornheimer (left); I loved his reaction shot after finding there wasn’t a single towel in his passed-out coworker’s bathroom. And a lesser comic actor never would’ve made me howl as I did last night during what was essentially a rehash of the “miscommunication over International phone line” scenario. (“He’s dead. Your dad is dead. He died. HE’S DEAD!”)

But I’ve also got to give a little credit to Bornheimer’s on-screenlove interest Erinn Hayes (right), who as Melanie delivers the necessary amount of long-suffering exasperation toward her perpetually do-wrong boyfriend while never leaving you wondering “Why doesn’t she just dump the guy?” And while the writing tends toward broad physical set-ups, last night’s pilot contained plenty of subtly goofy one-liners (like Sam’s angry coworker hissing “I know Tai Chi,” or that bit where Sam gets caught threatening to (comically) punch Melanie in the face) to keep me tuned in next Monday.What did you think of Worst Week? And will you be watching subsequent episodes? Let’s get your take in the comments section below!

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