David Duchovny, Michael C. Hall

Do you like how I just appropriated the Snickers slogan for this topic, rather unsuccessfully? Me too. As of last week, Showtime’s offering the Dexter and Californication season premieres online. Thanks to The TV Addict for providing the password: “lady killer.” (Get it? It applies to both shows!) I’m only four minutes into the less-committal-at-28-minutes Californication, and already I’ve been treated to David Duchovny struggling to put on a nicotine patch and a condom. Guess which one proved more difficult!

The premiering-TV-online trend’s really blasting off lately. Personally, I’d just as soon wait for the actual premiere dates…you know, keep deluding myself into thinking my TV has a teensy bit more power than my computer, if only because it’s larger in scale. (Actually, duh, the bigger screen is a much better reason to wait.) What about you?