Remember that story I ran about Jennie Garth agreeing to extend her stay in the zip code that made her famous? You know, the one that was later confirmed by both The CW and producer Paramount? Here’s how good I am — I wrote it before it was even official! So the erstwhile Kelly Taylor told me herself at last night’s EW pre-Emmy soiree.

“I was signed on to do four [episodes], I ended up doing six, and I guess it broke that I was doing more,” she said.

“But nothing’s confirmed at this point,” she added. “It’s still totally up in the air.”

Natch, I also got the Dancing With the Stars hoofer to weigh in on the controversy surrounding 90210‘s stick-figure starlets (covered at length in this week’s EW).”I wish they’d stop saying that about me!” she joked. “Why can’t I get that [criticism]!”

All kidding aside, the mother of three said, “It’s not my place [to address that issue]. I’m not a producer on the show. I just go in and do my thing and leave. I obviously care about the girls, but they seem healthy and happy, and they love what they’re doing.

“If it would make it better,” she continued, “I will certainly make some cookies and take them to [the girls].”

Finally, with Doherty finished in Bev Hills (her final episode airs this week), Garth had some very interesting things to say about her former rival. For more on that, check out my entire video interview with Garth below. And keep checking EW’s Emmy video hub for the rest of my interviews from last night, including one-on-ones with Kate Walsh, Lost‘s Emily de Ravin, Kathy Griffin, Lisa Edelstein, Jon Hamm, Zach Levi, and more.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go press my monkey suit for this evening’s main event!