September 26

Plot: An out-of-work schlub (Dax Shepherd) is tormented by awife (Liv Tyler) who wants a baby, and a wack-job mom (Diane Keaton) whowants to move in with them.

Looks like: Mama’s Boy: The Revenge

Verdict: Enough is enough. Can A&E please schedule an episode of Intervention for Diane Keaton’s career?

February 13

Plot: Evil banks are out to destroy the world, and only Clive Owen can save us.

Looks like: James Bond meets The Wall Street Journal

Verdict:The premise might’ve had more bite before the financial industry wenttoe-up, but Owen’s still a bankable star as far as we’re concerned.

Date TBD

Plot: A British aristocrat (Ben Barnes) brings his American bride (JessicaBiel) home to meet his uptight mother (Kristen Scott Thomas) in 1920’s England.

Looks like: Meet the Limey Parents

Verdict:Time will tell if Biel can hack it as a leading lady, but this clevercomedy looks like a cinematic trifle — in the mouth-watering Britishsense.