The making of Brian Austin Green -- From ''90210'' to ''The Sarah Connor Chronicles,'' we peruse the actor's resume

As John Connor’s menacing uncle on Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Mondays, 8 p.m.), Brian Austin Green completes his transition from 90210 pipsqueak to utter badass. We chart the mansformation.

Beverly Hills, 90210
As weakling David Silver, he took seven seasons to deflower girlfriend Donna. But there were hints of a dark side: He got hooked on meth in season 4.

One Stop Carnival
Green looked for street cred with his rap album, but it didn’t work, no matter how many ”Z”s he put in songs like ”1-2-Threez” and ”Style Iz It.”

Unwed Father
In this ABC TV movie, a one-night stand led to Green cooing to a cutesy baby. But hey, at least he proved he’s fertile! Things are looking manlier.

As Freddie Prinze Jr.’s womanizing pal on the ABC sitcom, he was childless, single, and ready to mingle. Though proximity to Prinze does create badass debits.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles
As the brother to original Terminator hero Kyle Reese, Green plays a battle-hardened warrior from the future, who’d probably snap David Silver like a cybertwig AND nail Donna.