Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on ''Gossip Girl'' and Diablo Cody's ''Playboy'' column

Feedback from our readers

Prime Time, Live!
The only people who can’t stop talking about Gossip Girl are you, the media (Fall TV Preview). Nobody I know watches or cares about the show. Writing about it constantly won’t make people tune in. We don’t care. And never will.
Bryan Del Rizzo
Tracy, Calif.

Editor Kristen Baldwin responds: Our story addressed the show’s small viewership head-on — and what it means both for the future of Gossip Girl and for The CW. The fact is, GG is the show that’s provoked the strongest reactions over the past year — both positive and negative. You know, like yours.

Gossip Girl‘s advertising campaign across L.A. has intrigued me, and I’m a 30-year-old guy. From the looks of it, it’s the kind of show that makes groups of women gather in a room and watch religiously every week.
Phillip Kelly
Valley Village, Calif.

All the British remakes on the fall schedule will likely pale in comparison to the originals. Life on Mars can’t last without John Simm, and how will Worst Week‘s actors match the manic energy of the English cast? CBS and ABC should remember that for every Office-like success, there are Coupling-level catastrophes.
Christen Valentine
Happy Valley, Ore.

Let me get this straight: NBC lets Scrubs go to ABC and Friday Night Lights go to DirecTV, yet picks up Knight Rider and America’s Toughest Jobs? Really?
Jackie Chmielecki

Contrary to what Lynette Rice says, the ”sexual tension” between CSI‘s Gil and Lady Heather is nonexistent. In season 7, Gil went to Heather’s house to counsel her and helped her see her granddaughter. If there were any sexual tension, that would betray his character.
A. Laye
Ellicott City, Md.

Writer Lynette Rice responds: You’d have to have the pulse of a Sin City corpse not to feel the heat between Gil and Heather. Those two have definitely done the nasty (even if it’s only in our dirty minds).

CORRECTION JD Roth is an executive producer and the host of Opportunity Knocks (Fall TV Preview).

Diablo Cody has hopped on the Playboy bandwagon — and not just for the articles. Are readers on board with the Bunnies too?

Diablo Cody deserves thanks for her wonderful column ”The Bunnies Next Door,” about Playboy and my favorite guilty pleasure, The Girls Next Door. I hadn’t realized that anyone else followed that show as much as I do — and boy, was she proud to admit it. Her pithy comments might actually make a case for the rest of us who are looking forward to another season. — Jennifer Kumpf, Lakewood, Calif.

I don’t understand how any woman could support Playboy, or anything related to it. Sure, the magazine may be relatively tame compared to others out there, but it’s still a shameless exploitation of women. All it does is reinforce the view held by some that women are merely dim-witted objects who should look like Barbie dolls. — Heather Perkins, Poland, Maine

In News & Notes, we nominated Tina Fey as Sarah Palin’s Hollywood doppelgänger. (The 30 Rock star later spoofed the aspiring veep on SNL.) Here, readers pick their own candidates:

Bonnie Hunt
K.L. Connie Wang, Gene Williams, Melissa Gilleland

King of the Hill‘s Peggy Hill
Gina Foxley, Bonnie McMillan, Susan Seto

Big Love‘s Ginnifer Goodwin
Maria Estorino

Battlestar Galactica’s Mary McDonnell
Rob Roszkowski