Considering the numbers Pineapple Express and the latest Harold and Kumar movie pulled in this year — $86 million and $38 million respectively, according to Box Office Mojo — it should come as no surprise that stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong are considering a return to the big screen. Speaking to after a secret stand-up show put on by MySpace at the Los Angeles club the Roxy on Wednesday night, the two revealed that comeback movie is in the early stages of development. How early? Jokes Tommy Chong: “Our Jews are talking to their Jews.” No, seriously, he says, “We don’t want to jinx anything, but there’s a lot of interest. We know we’re hot as a firecracker now, and hopefully, that interest turns into dollars.” An idea they’ve been throwing around? Cheech and Chong: The Next Generation, in which the comedy franchise picks up with their offspring. “Harold and Kumar are really our illegitimate kids,” Chong mused. “Not too many people know that.” Taking their show on the road in the coming months could prove to be good practice, said Cheech Marin. “The [stand-up] tour is really our rehearsal for things to come. We’ll do it until we get bored. That’s how our career always went.”