The best iPhone applications -- New ways to find movie info or read Shakespeare on your beloved Apple contraption

From accessing movie listings to having your own virtual tour guide — here are five killer apps for the iPhone.

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[ Free ]
Think of this ”location-aware” app — utilizing the iPhone’s GPS chip to establish your geographic position — as a moviegoer’s best friend, giving you info (showtimes, directions, and even Rotten Tomatoes scores) about films playing at theaters near you.

[ Free ]
The complete works of the Bard are now at your fingertips: Impress colleagues with your knowledge of Cymbeline or inspire your bowling team by quoting Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech. To download, or not to download — that is not even a question.

[ Free ]
Ever heard a bit of music — on the radio, or during a movie or TV show — and wondered what you were listening to? If you merely hold your phone up to the beats, this amazing app can quickly ID that mysterious song (and even link you to the track on iTunes)!

[ $1.99 ]
Another ”location-aware” app, WikiMe scans ”geo-tagged” Wikipedia entries: After determining your position, the iPhone will list various points of interest — famous and obscure — in your vicinity. It’s like having your own tour guide whenever you take a walk.

[ $1.99 ]
A nifty homemade clone of the blockbusting arcade classic Breakout — in this version, you control the paddle using the iPhone’s touch screen. When I think about all the quarters (and hours) wasted playing the original at the local pizza joint…