Awkward wedding moments -- We look at cringe-worthy nuptial mishaps from ''Four Weddings and a Funeral,'' ''Shrek,'' ''The Graduate,'' and more

When Hathaway delivers an awkward rehearsal-dinner toast in Rachel Getting Married, she’s carrying on a long tradition of uncomfortable, sometimes even lethal, wedding-movie moments.

Old School
At Will Ferrell’s wedding reception, the lead singer in the band keeps inserting the F-word into the lyrics of ”Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Very effing funny.

In & Out
At the altar, Kevin Kline says ”I’m gay” instead of ”I do.” Later, still in the church, jilted Joan Cusack curses Barbra Streisand…and then clocks Kline.

Four Weddings and a Funeral
Hugh Grant also gets hit by his bride, after his brother halts the proceedings to remind him, via sign language, that he loves someone else.

Princess Fiona and evil Lord Farquaad are about to marry. Instead, Shrek sweeps in, convinces Fiona she’s beautiful as an ogre — and Dragon eats the groom.

The Graduate
Dustin Hoffman doesn’t make it to the church on time: His love is already married. Still, the two make a run for it, finally escaping via local bus. Classic.

Kill Bill — Vol. 2
In the ”Massacre at Two Pines,” Uma Thurman’s entire wedding party is slaughtered at the rehearsal by assassins. Quentin Tarantino, sentimentalist.