Last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent was a fascinating study in television. For who would have imagined that they could stretch five people getting kicked off the show into a half-hour ep? What could have been a five-minute segment at the end of another show turned into its own spectacle, complete with a musical performance by Natasha Bedingfield! I’m still baffled as to why she was there.

The first to stay were Nuttin’ But Strings, which means we had to say goodbye to the Wright Kids. But this wasn’t just any goodbye. This was a goodbye complete with a video montage of their greatest moments, and then a Corner Cry Cam of them watching, heartbroken, as they saw how far they’d come. We then watched Paul Salos, Kaytlin Maher, Joseph Hall, and Jessica Price all get booted. But this means we’ve still got Neal E. Boyd, Nuttin’ But Strings, Queen Emily, Eli Mattson and Donald Bronzewell (I’ve been waiting to make that pun all season)!

PopWatchers, who’s your pick? Do you think they deserve it? And did anyone else notice that all the contestants were wearing the same things two nights in a row, even though both episodes this week were supposed to be live? Weird…

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