By Simon Vozick-Levinson
September 18, 2008 at 10:46 PM EDT

Image Credit: White: George Pimentel/Getty Images; Keys: Matt Carr/Getty ImagesMy favorite part of “Another Way to Die,” the new James Bond theme song that just leaked, would have to be the lyric where Jack White attempts to work in the title of the movie — and can’t quite bring himself to utter that much-maligned phrase: “Another tricky little gun/Giving solace to the one/That’ll never see the sunshine.” Just say it, Jack. Quantum of Solace. It’s not as bad a title as everyone says. You could give those words a real cred boost if you’d just mention them in passing! Okay, maybe I’m still alone on that one. And maybe he’s saying “silence,” not “solace” — I can’t really tell from the fuzzy radio rip that I’m listening to (below).

Anyway! I really dig this song. Alicia Keys and Jack White have way better musical chemistry than I expected them to: Jack ratchets up his usual riff-tastic retroisms with some Bond-appropriate orchestral flourishes, which in turn complement Alicia’s soaring vocals better than your average stripped-down Stripes cut might. Granted, “Another Way to Die” is no “Goldfinger” or “Live and Let Die.” But it’s easily as much fun as “A View to a Kill” or “Die Another Day” (both of which are thoroughly enjoyable tunes, so don’t even start, naysayers).

Where would “Another Way to Die” rank on your personal list of fave Bond songs? A final note before you weigh in: I’d just like to point out that I kinda-sorta predicted that the Quantum of Solace theme song would be a historically unprecedented duet between a pasty, semi-reclusive indie dude and a soulful lady with a big voice. (Check out the parenthetical sentence at the end of the third paragraph.) And now my kinda-sorta prediction has come true, and the musical fruit it has borne is oh-so-glorious. Feel free to offer your thanks below — or don’t you like “Another Way to Die” as much as I do?

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