Here’s the thing: There’s always a little part of me that is sad when I see a new artist go from a simple, earnest music video to an expensive shiny one. It’s not that the latter isn’t usually more visually interesting — it is. It’s just that I feel like I’ve seen the star-making machine turn on, and the sudden polish makes me nervous: What else besides the artist’s appearance (and budget) has been altered?

Worry though I might, I can’t resist Taylor Swift’s evolution from “Tim McGraw” to her latest, “Love Story” (below). Just look at her doing her best Keira Knightley impersonation and at Nashville Star reject/model Justin Gaston being all adorable and silent as her Mr. Darcy Romeo. (It also helps that at 18, Taylor’s still singing songs with the word daddy in it.) How much do you love the video?

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