Credit: Nick Wall

During a screening last night of The Duchess (which opens Friday), I could barely focus on the plot (something about babies?) because I was physically unable to remove my eyes from any of the women’s lusciously extravagant outfits. It didn’t even matter who the character was — in fact, when my screening buddy harped about Hayley Atwell’s Lady Bess Foster, I was all, “Oh, I loved her…” and then in a soft, wistful whisper, added, “hats.” So many of the puffed dresses resembled really elaborate cakes, but not 21st century cakes trying too hard to look vintage. More like musty old layer cakes comprised of authentic 18th-century Devonshire baking materials, then painted in earth tones using well water. Basically, I’m recommending you see a movie solely to stare at clothes that look like cake. I’m fired.

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