I’ve always had a soft spot for movies with the following formula: Endearing Everyteens have wacky yet meaningful misadventures that unfold over a single afternoon/night/weekend/summer. So when I first heard about the upcoming, indie-rock-drenched Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist—starring the ever-dependable Michael Cera and The House Bunny‘s Kat Dennings—I was all over it. Just one minor quibble: Even in those hazy, crazy days of youth, would you really traipse all over an unforgiving city in search of a band called…Where’s Fluffy? Ironically monikered or not, it sounds like the pallid descendent of the ’90s act Letters to Cleo. (Cera’s queercore band in the film, on the other hand, is the Jerk Offs. Slightly better.)

I prefer my fake-band names to have a certain zing, even if their musical output is less than transcendent: the erstwhile Sonic Death Monkey—on the verge of becoming Kathleen Turner Overdrive—in High Fidelity. Hey, That’s My Bike in Reality Bites. Wyld Stallyns in both Bill and Teds. (Yes, I am dating myself.) So I ask of you, dear PopWatchers, which fictitious band name makes you want to get up and rawk? The best suggestions of the batch could pop up in the next issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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