Credit: Chris Stanford/Photography Inc.

Year of the Gentleman

Feeling unfulfilled by Usher’s musical offer — via summer smash ”Love in This Club” — to have sex in the nightlife venue of your choosing? Turned off by Chris Brown’s slick come-ons? Then girl, Ne-Yo wants to be your Gentleman. On his third disc in as many years, the 28-year-old Southerner with the Michael Jackson falsetto not only wears his heart on his sleeve, he lets it bleed down his (no doubt high-thread-count) cuff. From the let’s-hear-it-for-the-girl paean ”Miss Independent” to Year of the Gentleman‘s self-deprecating ”Why Does She Stay,” he clearly worships at the Church of the Lady Superior. But by the time he hits his stirring finale, ”Stop This World,” you’ll be ready to take him home to Mama. B+
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Year of the Gentleman
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