Carson Daly, Total Request Live
Credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images

The suits over at MTV have decided to pull the plug on Total Request Live after 10 years on the air — which for MTV is equivalent to maybe 200 in human years. Executive producer Dave Sirulnick says the show, which will conclude on a Saturday in November with a two-hour special, isn’t gone for good, but just taking a rest — which sounds a bit like a concerned parent telling the children at Grandpa’s funeral, “See, it’s kind of like he’s sleeping.” Apparently, MTV’s new Pete Wentz-hosted FNMTV show is being touted as the next-gen TRL.

The news raises a few questions:

1. TRL was still on the air?
2. Does this mean Internet officially killed the video star?
3. Is Pete Wentz the new Carson Daly?
4. When will MTV quit pretending to care about music and fully commit to being a reality-TV channel?
5. What’s an FNMTV, and is it anything like an OMFG? (Apparently, the young-uns love the FNMTV; check it out here.)

Anyone gonna miss TRL? Care to share some memories of TRL from its ‘N Sync-Eminem-Britney Spears heyday? Who would win in a fight between Daly and Ryan Seacrest? Discuss.

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