Feel a little overwhelmed when you look over the vast sea of new music releases impacting each week as CDs, MP3s, and streams? You’re not alone! But fret no longer. Welcome to the inaugural edition of EW’s New Music Roundup, a weekly post highlighting the “Download This” track recommendations from the latest crop of music reviews found in Entertainment Weekly. All songs are from albums that are in stores now, and most are readily available via iTunes, eMusic, or similar services. Enjoy — and please share any feedback you may have…

Metallica (pictured, bottom), Death Magnetic
EW Grade: B+
Download This: “Cyanide”
(Check out Metallica online)

Ne-Yo, Year of the Gentleman
EW Grade: B+
Download This: “Stop This World”
(Check out Ne-Yo online)

Buckcherry, Black Butterfly
EW Grade: B–
Download This: “Dreams”
(Check out Buckcherry online)

David Byrne & Brian Eno, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
EW Grade: A–
Download This: “Strange Overtones”
(Check this project out online)

Darius Rucker, Learn to Live
EW Grade: B–
Download This: “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It”
(Check out Darius Rucker online)

James, Hey Ma
EW Grade: B
Download This: “Waterfall”
(Check out James online)

Lindsey Buckingham, Gift of Screws
EW Grade: A–
Download This: “Great Day”
(Check out Lindsey Buckingham online)

  • Staff Web Pick of the Week:
  • TV on the Radio (pictured, top), “Dancing Choose”
  • Those cryptic lyrics might or might not be making fun of the journalistic profession — “He’s a newspaper man/And he gets his best ideas from a newspaper stand”? — but we’re too busy grooving to the twitchy rhythms to care.
  • (Check it out online at TV on the Radio’s MySpace)