I’ve never seen the 1939 MGM classic The Women, which is, apparently, why I am the only person who’s enjoyed the Annette Bening-Meg Ryan remake. (Read Owen Gleiberman’s C-grade review.)

I understand why critics compare the new film, written and directed by Murphy Brown writer-producer Diane English, to the original. Obviously. But since I don’t have that benefit/burden, all I can say is: I laughed. Way more than I laughed at Diane Keaton in Because I Said So. I laughed pretty much the whole way through, too: at Annette Bening (pictured) trying to relate to Debra Messing’s children and leading the stalking mission at Saks, at Cloris Leachman doing a variation of her role in Spanglish, at Jada Pinkett Smith during the labor scene. (And that’s saying something, because how many times have we seen that bystander-is-horrified-by-labor scene?)

So, am I really the only person who thought this movie was entertaining enough for a Saturday afternoon? And how much do you love Annette Bening? (I hope The American President is on TV sometime soon…)