Loyal PopWatchers might recall that it was after seeing Vince Vaughn in the horribly unfunny holiday movie Fred Claus that we coined the term ‘nut guard’: “The credit on an actor’s résumé that is so beloved it stops fans from wanting to actually kick him where it hurts after sitting through his latest stinker.” (We were unable to physically harm Vaughn because he has a nut guard for Swingers. For a gallery of other actors’ protective wear, click here.)

So you can understand why we were a little nervous to see the trailer for Four Christmases (below), a festive comedy starring Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon as a couple forced to spend the holiday with each of their divorced parents.

Though the trailer doesn’t 100 percent sell us on the Witherspoon-Vaughn pairing, Vince did make us laugh. Particularly with that “I’m gonna do it, too!” line.*

What do you think? Better than Fred Claus?

* Okay, maybe that was just me.