Credit: Russell Brand: Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Joshua Jackson: Craig Blankenhorn

Last week was exhausting! We worked the VMA red carpet with Rihanna and Britney, attended the Toronto Film Festival, and stared at a dude with translucent skin. Okay, maybe we didn’t exactly do all of that — but we did blog about it — and as usual, it resulted in some potent opinions in the PopWatch nation. So check out our rundown of the most-commented-on PopWatch posts of last week!

10. Owen Gleiberman gave us the scoop on Bill Maher’s blasphemous new documentary, Religulous.
9. You confessed the pop-culture purchases that prevail even in a crappy economy.
8. The premiere of The CW’s Privileged got mixed reviews.
7. Simon Vozick-Levinson threw a mini listening party for Kanye West’s new single.
6. Our TV critics Ken Tucker and Gillian Flynn revealed what shows really make them laugh.
5. Big Brother 10 evictee Keesha Smith did not go quietly.
4. Chris Willman made the case for Taylor Swift as CMA’s Entertainer of the Year.
3. You phoned home to PopWatch and told us your favorite sci-fi TV series.
2. Gary Susman asked what you thought of J.J. Abrams’ new FOX thriller, Fringe. (See above reference to translucent skin.)
1. From your love/hate relationship with Russell Brand, to our chat with Heidi-bear and Spencey-poo, to our live coverage of the painfully mediocre telecast, PopWatch was alive with the sounds of lip-syncing and ho-hum celebrity stunts MTV’s Video Music Awards.

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