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September 15, 2008 at 12:00 PM EDT

Before you accuse me of shamelessly baiting you with another outrageously misleading headline, I just have one thing to say: Guilty!

Come to think of it, I’m only half guilty. The fact is, Bruce and Demi’s actress-offspring will be playing a character by the name of Mac Taylor in CSI: NY‘s 100th episode, but Gary Sinise’s tormented detective isn’t undergoing a radical sex change. Rather, the landmark episode, airing Nov. 19, finds Sinise’s team investigating a serial killer who’s targeting people with the name Mac Taylor; Willis will be playing one of those unlucky Macs. 

The 100th eppy will also mark the arrival of a new detective, played by Julia Ormond (Legends of the Fall, Sabrina), and the return of Nelly as a confidential informant to Mac and Co.

Of course, if I know you CSI: NY fans, you’re probably just reading this item in the hopes that I’ll offer up some scoop concerning your favorite partners in crime and sex, Danny and Lindsay. And lo and behold, I’ve got a little something for you: Sources confirm to me exclusively that the 100th episode does not include any major D-L developments.

On the bright side, no major developments is better than one really bad one, right?

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