It might’ve been when I realized the entire second episode of 90210 would revolve around (snore) family bowling night. Or when my colleague Tanner Stransky and I successfully made a (very easy) game out of predicting the next line/plot beat. (As in: Let me guess—Naomi’s mother already knows her father’s cheating, and she’s totally okay with it.) Or when Jessica Walter wasn’t on the screen for the whole hour. All I know is that by the end of the week two of the supposedly edgy teen drama remake, I was more interested in Tanner’s and my conversation about Dorota, the maid on Gossip Girl, than I was in 90210‘s future.

Being a teen-show connoisseur, I wanted to love the new 90210, or at least like it, but it’s officially giving me too little to work with. The only time my attention perks up at all is when Jennie Garth is onscreen; and even at that, she’s been saddled with lame storylines like that flat, chemistry-free relationship with a teacher. (I love me some scruffy boys, but unshaven does not automatically equal interesting.) Everybody’s noticing the extreme skinniness of the young female cast members, but I’m even more famished for some fresh plotlines and/or remotely clever dialogue. (Please see Greek for whip-smart banter lesson.) Or maybe the show could just show a smidgen of post-millennial self-awareness? Anything to indicate there’s a brain to go with this show’s excessively svelte body?

I can’t be alone in my disappointment with 90210 2.0; ratings dropped a whopping 30 percent from the series premiere to last week’s followup episode. Which leads me to a question for those of you who’ve been watching: If you ran The CW, what would you do to breathe new life (and new viewers) into this high-profile gamble? Brainstorm like a champ, and your comments could appear in an upcoming issue of EW. And when you’re done sounding off on our message board below, click through after the jump and take our official “How to fix 90210” poll.

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